7 Best Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication Apps to Protect Your Email and Social Media

2fa two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an additional layer of security, provides you with greater protection against online threats. A hacker attack happens every 39 seconds on the planet. Passcodes should be sent to your phone. However, new keys and applications may make it easier and safer.

Sounds crazy, right? It’s common to see stories about users whose accounts were hacked in today’s digital world. Online security is a priority. cybersecurity is more than one layer. Even though a complex password can protect your data well, it is still possible to crack it.

You may want to enable additional security features when using popular social networking apps and software applications. This is often known as Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or Two-factor authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication and how does it work?

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification) is an additional layer of security that protects your online accounts.

Instead of using a single factor to verify your identity (e.g. a password), you can use two: your password as well as an One-Time Password (OTP) that you receive via SMS or email.

Let’s take a look at an example that will help you understand. What are the requirements to log into your email account

  • Your email id
  • Your password

This is called Single Step Verification. We simply need to enter the credentials and log into our account. This process can be dangerous, however. Anybody can access your email address. If your password is not strong enough, hackers can access your account. You’re in serious danger if your password is “123456”.

2FA was born. Your password and email address will not allow anyone to access your accounts. 2FA provides an additional layer of security. It requires you to submit a set credentials to which only you, as the legitimate user, have full access. This will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your sensitive data.

Two-factor authentication is now available on many famous websites and services to provide secure logins.

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What is 2FA?

Although different 2FA methods use different processes, they all follow a common workflow.

Usually, a 2FA transaction goes as follows:

  • To access the website or services, the user must enter their login credentials.
  • An authentication server verifies the password and, if correct, the user can proceed to the second factor.
  • An authentication server gives the user a unique code for their second-factor device.
  • The user confirms their identity by confirming the additional authentication.

Multi-factor authentication’s core processes are generally the same for all providers. However, there are many different ways to implement it and not all approaches work equally. Let’s take a look at different types of 2FA.

Types of two-factor authentication

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular websites and apps that use 2FA today.

  • Email-based 2FA
  • SMS-based 2FA
  • Voice-based 2FA
  • Software token/TOTP-based 2FA
  • 2FA bio-metrics
  • Push Notification
  • Hardware token-based 2FA

Different services and companies use the above authentications to add an extra layer to security for their customers and users.

Apps for Authenticating

For securing login procedures, authenticator apps could be the best security option. Be aware that not all authenticator apps can provide the best service. We have put together a list of the apps that have been officially approved for this service. You can find out more information about each app and how to use it below.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is the most widely used two-factor authentication program. This app can be downloaded on your smartphone and provides a real-time code for authentication that changes every 30 second. It is recommended by Google for all your Google accounts. However, it can be used on a number of websites. Wear OS support and offline support are just a few of the extra features.

Google Authenticator has many features such as:

  • TOTP, HOTP – Algorithms
  • It doesn’t require an internet connection in order to use it

It is completely free, simple, functional, and well-respected. This app will eventually allow you to add multiple accounts. You can download the Android or iOS versions from this link.

You can also get it as a Extension.


LastPass authentication is not part of the popular password management. It’s an independent authenticator app that can be used on both Android and iOS. This software provides the best two-factor authentication. This program can also be used to protect unlimited accounts.

If you have an LastPass account, installing and activating the app is easy. There are many features to this app, including:

  • Push notification in one tap
  • Compatible with smartwatch
  • Cloud backup

This app is available for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is a trusted authentication tool created by Microsoft Corporation that can provide 2FA security. This is the best option because it offers both safety and convenience. Microsoft Authenticator provides tight security by verifying your device’s validity and delivering TOTPs.

The app’s well-designed interface makes it easy to use. This application is available for Android or iOS.

Twilio Authy

Authory is one of the most reliable two-factor authentication software. It works in the same manner as Microsoft and Google’s versions. It gives you codes that you can use to verify your login. It works very well. It includes offline support, device sync, and compatibility with the most popular websites and account types.

This is an alternative to Microsoft or Google apps. Authy does a great job and offers some very useful and exciting features.

  • Password protection
  • Cloud backup
  • Multi-device synchronization

It is also free and does not require any in-app purchases. It’s available for Android and Desktop.

2FA Authenticator

2FA Author (2FAS), is a great option for elegant authentication software. This application is great for six-digit TOTP authentication. The app features QR code-based authentication, and other security features that make it easier and safer to log in. This app helps you avoid unintentional incorrect inputs and saves time. This robust authenticator tool can be used with more than 500 social media and other websites.

Its simplicity makes it difficult to modify, but it performs admirably. It is available to download for iOS as well as Android.

Duo Mobile

Duo Security LLC has provided us with the most powerful Android authentication apps. Duo Mobile will protect your login. You can use it with any website or app. It will notify you when the program is being used. After you have reviewed the message, you can rest assured that your next login will be secure.

This app will allow you to manage almost all aspects of 2FA authentication. Get it for Android or iOS.

Aegis Authenticator

Aegis may not be the most popular 2-factor authentication app but it’s a good one. Although it shares many similarities with orOTP, it also offers a few additional functions. You can lock the app to prevent access from being granted after you have entered a PIN or password. This extra level of security is amazing. It supports both HOTP authentication and TOTP authentication, and works with all websites.

You can also backup your account and export it onto a new device if one is received. Additionally, imports from Authy, , and OTP are possible. It is also free and open source. Here. Download aegis for Android at Google Play.

Important Note

Do not delete or remove any social media accounts from the 2FA app. You could be locked out for life.

To disable two-step verification, you first need to go to the security or privacy settings of that service and then disable it. You can then either delete the account or remove them completely from these two-factor authentication applications.

Wrapping up

To protect your files, data, and conversations, you will need to perform two-step verification. 2FA protects your account even if your password and username are stolen or hacked. However, the attacker must not have physical access. It takes only two minutes to setup and provides security. This is something that I use on all my accounts.

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