8 Remote Desktop (RDP) Clients for Windows, macOS and Linux

Remote Desktop RDP

Remote desktop client software allows you to access and control a connected desktop from anywhere around the globe, so distance is not an issue. Imagine that you forgot to bring your laptop with you to work. The meeting is about to begin. Would you be willing to travel all the way from your home to get the laptop? What would you do if you were far from your home?

Instead of worrying about all of this, connect to your computer using remote desktop client software. Then you can start the presentation you prepared so hard.

This is how the tool works for you. This tool can be used to access any device from anywhere. You can help your parents or customers with technical issues, and you don’t even have to go to their home.

Isn’t it amazing!

Yes. And it’s very useful. In this post-covid world most people are working at home. Administrators can also take control of their devices and resolve any issues so they don’t have to stop their work.

Let’s now see how remote desktop client software works.

What is Remote Desktop Client?

Remote desktop client software allows you to interact with any computer anywhere on the planet via the internet or internal network. You can view and control the connected computer from anywhere in the world, using the keyboard and mouse as if you were physically there.

It can be used for many purposes, including:

  • You can transfer files between computers using an email or file-sharing service without the need for an email address.
  • Screen sharing
  • Remotely fixing technical problems
  • Monitoring the network of connected systems
  • Management of a device, network resources and storage
  • You can print files from another computer by connecting a printer to your computer.
  • Collaboration in real-time for projects

Do not confuse remote desktop clients and remote desktop software.

What is the secret to it?

Remote access requires that software be installed on the computer to which you wish to connect. It is also known as the host, which can be located anywhere in the globe. The client is a computer that has the right authorization and credentials to connect and control the host.

The remote desktop client software is powered by the host computer. It also runs the operating system that displays the screen on the client’s computer. Software captures inputs from clients and sends them back to the host.

Remote Desktop Clients: Benefits

In a post-covid world, where many businesses operate remotely, remote desktop client software is becoming increasingly important. It’s here to stay, and many businesses will adapt to it even after the pandemic. These are just a few of the many benefits this software offers:

Remote work

Remote desktop client software has the greatest benefit, as the name implies. It works on any device from anywhere. To make the connection, you don’t require any extra hardware. All you need is an internet connection.


Remote desktop software allows IT teams to easily run updates, patches and diagnostics. They don’t need to travel to the users’ homes or offices.

Reduced capital costs

Software helps companies reduce their capital costs and overhead charges for IT departments. The company that provides remote desktop software takes care of all aspects of software updates, security, performance, and so on. You can also save money on travel because everything is online.

Performance and security

You can improve your IT performance and security by choosing a reliable remote desktop software. It allows you to quickly troubleshoot problems before they cause damage and optimize the health of your device so that it performs optimally. It also helps employees work more efficiently and without interruptions.

Let’s now look at the top remote desktop clients software available for Windows, Linux and macOS.


mRemoteNG for Windows is an open-source multi-remote and multi-protocol next-generation tabbed and remote connections manager. You can visualize all remote connections using a simple, but powerful tabbed interface.

mRemoteNG now has new features and bug fixes. It supports many protocols, including RDP and VNC, ICA. SSH, HTTP/HTTPS. rlogin and Raw Socket Connects. It also supports themes and keyboard shortcuts to provide a better user experience.

mRemoteNG makes use of panels and tabs to help you stay organized and give you a clear view of all the tasks being performed within the application. Connect allows you to quickly connect to remote hosts using different network protocols.

Port Scan is another option, which is very similar to Nmap’s port scan. It allows you to scan the IP addresses and determine if supported protocols are active. The notification panel allows you to view connection errors and get information about lost connections.

You can also export and import connections using mRemoteNG in a variety of ways. Securely transfer files to remote hosts over encrypted tunnels using SCP, or SFTP and the SSH file transfer functionality. To make things more efficient, you can also launch external tools.


SupRemo, a powerful tool for remote control of computers or servers, is simpler and more affordable than its rivals. It works on Windows, macOS and Linux (via Wine), as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

The software, which is free and non-professional, is very lightweight and easy to use. You can download it from this site and then launch the file.

This software is easy to use, so it’s great for remote assistance or home work. It is necessary to launch SupRemo from your device. Next, you will need to log in to your software interface to access the identification code or password displayed on the controller device.

SupRemo can be run as a service. This allows you to connect remotely to PCs even though no one is there physically.

Security is another important aspect. Users will not need to worry about data being in danger or that others may gain access to their workstations because the application uses an encrypted data flow using TLS 1.2 connection protocol.

SupRemo offers a variety of features that are primarily, but not exclusively, for companies and professionals. These include the ability to customize the software interface with your logo, the possibility to record the contacts in an unlimited Address Book, and the report on the connections made.

The subscription plans can be scalable and very affordable. They are based on how many simultaneous connections you expect to need. Every license is able to be used on unlimited PCs, unlike other software. They can also be purchased quarterly or annually.

You can access SupRemo’s website to get more information and to download the software for free.


You can get a remote desktop software that is secure, customizable, fast, and easy to use – RustDesk written entirely in Rust. You have full control over your data and don’t need to worry about security.

RustDesk allows you to use their relay/rendezvous servers, write your relay/rendezvous servers, or do it all yourself. The latest TLS 1.3 encryption technology protects your desktop against unauthorized access.

You can also have complete control over your data by easily setting up your enterprise network. Adjusting the bitrate and quantizer can quickly adjust the image quality. To transfer files between computers, use the built-in file manager. You can also set up TCP tunneling to allow you to connect with RDP in a single click.

RustDesk offers server-side ID server and relay programs that are easy to install without any complicated configuration. Client-side relay/ID server addresses are also possible.


FreeRDP provides a remote desktop protocol client and library that is free. It is free to use and distributed under the Apache License.

FreeRDP allows you to live in an interoperable world and enjoy a liberating computing experience.


This remote administration tool Quasar is designed for Windows users. It’s an open-source tool, which is free and lightweight. Quasar was written in C#. It has the MIT License and 4.5k Starts on GitHub. It can be used for employee monitoring and user support.

Quasar has a simple-to-use interface, high stability, and is available whenever you need it. It offers many useful features such as TCP network streaming with IPv4/IPv6 support, TLS encrypted and compressed communication, high-speed network serialization, and TLS-encrypted, compressed communication.

File manager, task manager and UPnP support are all included. Remote shell, remote desktop, remote execution, and remote shell are also available. Quasar also offers a keylogger, registry editor, keylogger, system powers commands like shutdown, restart, standby, reverse proxy, password retrieval, and many more.

Quasar supports.NET Framework 4.5.2 and higher operating systems like Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7, Vista, Server 2008 2012, 2016, and 2019.

Royal TS

You can get a complete remote management system with Royal T. It can be used with many types of connections, including RDP, SSH and VNC. You can also share their list without sharing your credentials.

Secure team-sharing and built-in credential management are available. It is easy to automate repetitive tasks with the Key Sequence Task or Command Task. Royal TS can be integrated with SSH-based tunneling. This is a secure gateway.

Dynamic folders can be used to import data from external sources. Connections will be provided such as a remote desktop using Microsoft RDP ActiveX control and terminals like Rebex.net, PuTTY-based Telnet and SSH, and VNCs based upon UltraVNC or TightVNC. You can also access the Internet Explorer-based web and Chrome.

You can also transfer files via SFTP, SCP and FTP. TeamViewer is available for managing and connecting to sessions. Royal TS lets you monitor and manage real-time performance, connect to and manage VMware and HyperV Instances, as well as analyze Windows events.

You can access Windows services to start, stop, restart and stop, monitor and manage running processes, manage session sessions and execute scripts that display results. To make your job easier, you can integrate with external apps and tools.

Royal TS allows you to store your credentials in a secure doc that is password protected. You can also share any other information with the team. The customizable workspace allows you to work your way using ribbon commands, dock panels, and connection tabs.


MobaXterm a Windows enhanced terminal with a tabbed SSH client and network tools, as well as HTML11 server. It offers many functions that are specifically tailored to webmasters, IT administrators, programmers, or anyone who wants to manage their jobs remotely more easily.

It provides essential network tools like X11 and MOSH, FTP, RDP and VNC. MobaXterm provides an easy way to connect to remote servers via various networks or systems.

To allow remote applications to display on Windows desktop, you will receive a configured Xserver. You can export DISPLAY to Unix and local windows, and you can extend MobaXterm’s capabilities through plugins and addons.

Because it doesn’t need admin rights, it is lightweight and portable and can be launched from a USB stick. Higher editions offer more stability and security for remote work.

Features include graphical SFTP browser and multi-execution. You can also use embedded servers and tools. SSH gateway and tunnels are available. Package manager, text editor, macros support is available. Syntax highlighting in the terminal and professional customizer are all included.

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Remmina allows you to work remotely from any location and have access to screen, file sharing, and other functions on your desktop. You can remember your last view mode, maintain quality, and configure the application in just one click.

Keystrokes, screenshot folders, filenames, toolbar visibility and default view modes, tabs configurations, full-screen behavior, and more will be available. You can also prevent screenshots from being taken and send usage statistics to developers.

Remmina supports host key configurations such as auto-fit, switching tab pages, grab keyboard, toggle fullscreen mode and toggle scaled mode. To add additional packages to the application, you can use plugins such as VNC, SSH and SFTP.

These plugins offer many additional features, including the ability to set a username, password, maintain quality, security and sound, as well as adding many other benefits such as maintaining quality, sound, security, and domain. Remote desktop gateway server can be set up with username, password and domain. You will also receive a startup path, client number, startup program, load balance information, and much more.

You can also access the SSL session log directory, file name and proxy command. Remmina offers kiosk mode, as well as other features that will allow you to work more efficiently. The application provides you with access to security, performance, and more.


This remote work culture has been thriving these days and technology related to it is booming such as remote desktop client. You can choose from any of the above software depending on what you need to do quick fixes or to get other benefits such as high security and performance, no matter where you are located.

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