How to Use WhatsApp on Mac

WhatsApp on mac

Although the messaging app WhatsApp is specially designed for cellphones, it can be used on the larger display that is your Mac. Below are the steps needed to make use of WhatsApp on Mac.

Use WhatsApp on Mac

The major benefit of using WhatsApp on a Mac is that you’ll have the benefit of the massive storage space of your Mac in order to save WhatsApp videos and images.

In the same way, you’ll be able send large images, documents and other files directly via your Mac to your friends and family members using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Mac Mac is essentially an extension, or Mirror image for your WhatsApp Account that is accessible on your mobile phone.

Also that you’ll still need the iPhone or Android Phone running WhatsApp to be close to your Mac to enable WhatsApp working within your Mac.

Steps to Get WhatsApp on Mac

Follow the steps below to install WhatsApp installed on your Mac by using the standard Safari and Chrome Browser on your Mac.

1. Open Safari or Chrome browser on your Mac and then go on

2. You will see the website that contains a WhatsApp QR Code and directions to scan the QR Code using your phone.

3. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and then tap the Settings menu and then select WhatsApp Web/Desktop in the menu that slides up.

4. On the next screen, you’ll be asked by a QR Code. Select OK. You’ve done it. Use the rear Camera from your iPhone to scan the QR Code that is displayed in the display of your Mac.

5. Once the QR Code is read through the iPhone or Android Phone you will immediately be able to see all of your WhatsApp messages appearing on the display in your Mac.

As we mentioned earlier it is basically the large-screen version of your WhatsApp Account. You’ll also be in a position to send and receive WhatsApp messages, much like you would on your smartphone.

How to Logout of WhatsApp on Mac

After you have used WhatsApp on Mac ensure that you Log Off from WhatsApp in Mac. Simply shutting the tab in your browser on Mac will continue to allow you to log in to WhatsApp which allows other users to view your WhatsApp messages.

In order to Log Out from WhatsApp on Mac To log out of WhatsApp on Mac, simply click on the three dots menu icon and click the Log Out option from the dropdown menu.

If you are unable to Log out from WhatsApp on Mac You can utilize the iPhone or Android Phone to remotely Logout of WhatsApp on Mac.

1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone

2. Tap on Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

3. On the next screen, click on the Log out of All Computers link.

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