How to Turn Off Auto Correct on Android Phone or Tablet

Auto Correct on Android

You may have observed typing on an Android gadget automatically corrects your words as you write them. If you’re annoyed You can disable or disable Auto Correct on Android Phone or tablet.

Switch off Auto Correct on Android Phone or Tablet

As we mentioned earlier As mentioned earlier, as mentioned above, the Auto Correct feature checks words when you type them on your Keyboard of the Android Phone and instantly suggests alternatives to the words.

If you don’t choose the word you want to use or it is determined that the Auto Correct feature thinks that one word is mispelled, it replaces your word with the one it believes to be a proper alternative to the word.

However it is true that it is true that the Auto Correct feature on Android Phone is not always working as it should and could be able to replace words even though they’ve been correctly spelling.

In these instances in these situations, in these situations, the Auto Correct feature in Android phones can be a real pain and cause a lot of problems with typing.

We have listed below the steps needed to alter the Auto Correct Settings, as well as steps to completely disable Automatic Correct for Android Phone or tablet.

Remove Auto Correct from your Android Phone (Stock Android)

Follow these steps to disable or turn off Auto Correct on an Android Phone or Tablet using Google Keyboard.

1. Open Settings on your Android Phone or Tablet.

2. On the Settings screen, click on the Language and input option.

3. On the Language and Input screen, click to open Google Keyboard.

4. On the Google Keyboard Settings screen tap to select Text Correction.

5. On the Text Correction screen, click on Auto-Correction.

6. On the pop-up that appears, select the OFF button to completely stop Auto Correct from Your Android Phone or Tablet (See the image below)

The Auto Correct feature is disabled for Samsung Galaxy Phone

This Auto Correct feature that Samsung Galaxy Phones are referred by the name the Auto Replace and you need to follow these steps to turn off the Auto Correct for Samsung Galaxy phones.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet.

2. On the Settings screen, select the Language and input option.

3. On the Language and Input Screen Tap on the Samsung Keyboard.

4. On the Samsung Keyboard screen, select”Auto Replace option that is located under the The Smart Typing section (See the image below).

5. On the next screen, switch off Auto Replace by shifting the toggle to Off Position (See the image below).

Adjust Auto Setups to be Correct

Instead of turning off completely Auto Correct Try making Auto Correct to Moderate Limit on an Android Phone and see if you can use it.

1. Tap on Settings > Language and input and then Google Keyboard.

2. Next, tap on Text Correction > Auto Correction.

3. On the pop-up select Modest to set the Auto-correct settings for Moderate Level for either your Android Phone or Tablet.

Tips: Google Keyboard also lets you add your own words. This means you can add words that aren’t found in the standard Dictionary (Pet Names and other words specifically tailored to your style of speaking).

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