How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 2022

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

It can easily transfer contacts from Android to iPhone and is also able to transfer important data such as videos and images. There is a lot of support from all sides in the event that an Android user plans to change to an iPhone.

The dramatic shift will occur in the near future, however also has its own set of uncertainties and trepidation. Android has a large user base across the globe and has more than 2.5 billion users. But, iPhone is slowly catching up. More than one billion iPhone users account for around 23% of the smartphone market worldwide.

It’s not uncommon to change between Android on to iPhone.

Many people are waiting to change between Android and iPhone to access services available only to Apple iPhone users. Why? Because iPhone is well-known for its user-friendly, clean and simple interface, speedy processor regular updates, an exclusive Apple store and Apple integration into other products.

Let’s talk about why it’s advantageous switching between Android and to iPhone.

Why should you switch From Android and iPhone?

Fewer Apps

Apple has fewer apps available as compared to Android. Because Android phones could be affected by viruses through Google Play store, Apple is more cautious. Google Play store, Apple is very strict and allows only applications from developers that meet specific requirements. Thus, the likelihood of a breach of your data via third-party apps are far smaller than those from any Android device.

Apple ecosystem

Apple has launched a variety of products such as Mac, iPad, smartwatch music players and much more. All of these Apple products are part of an ecosystem that is closed. They work flawlessly together and there’s no need to join them using different apps since one Apple ID is enough to connect all of them and interact with them in a way that is efficient.

More Software updates

Apple regularly releases software updates. Every calendar year it releases major iOS software updates to improve their functionality and enhance protection of your gadget. The primary USP that comes with the Apple product is the fact that they provide iOS software updates that are compatible with the most current versions of their software and push updates for their 3-4 years old products.

Try new apps first.

Some developers make use of some developers use the Apple Store as a launch platform. They only release premium apps on Apple and are unlikely to make them available on Android. Certain apps, like Snapchat or Super Mario Run were first launched on the Apple Store and later launched on Android. This gives users the exclusiveness of numerous apps once you purchase an iPhone.

Better Resale Value

Because Apple is a one-man manufacturer that doesn’t release new models as often as Android. iPhone can also be described as a premium product that is made of top-quality materials. All of this contributes to the highest resale value for the iPhone over Android. Swappie buys and sells used and used and iPhones.

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How to use your iPhone as a first-time user might require some time to get used to it!

The leap between Android to iPhone won’t result in an unforgiving crash. It will instead be an even more pleasant landing. Anyone who has used Android for a long time may feel somewhat confused when using iPhone.

However there are many third-party apps that can be used on Android as well as iPhones such as Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and Netflix. Google apps are compatible with iPhones however, they can’t be used as the default app. For example, if a user clicks on a link to a mail message and it opens in the Apple mail app, not Gmail.

For first-time users, it is recommended to use the Apple apps to become accustomed with the iPhone ecosystem. Make use of Siri in place of Google Assistant, Browse in Safari instead of Chrome Try Apple photographs instead of Google Photos, and use Apple maps instead of Google maps. These steps will aid a user in becoming comfortable to Apple’s iPhone quickly.

Many methods and tools are available that allow you to move your Android phone contacts onto iPhone

The primary function of a phone is calling. For this, a list of contacts is vital. Here are some simple methods and tools to assist in transferring android contacts to iPhone.

During the Initial Setup Process

Apple offers the “Move to iOS” app for Android phones. It is only available when you are setting up a brand new iPhone. This app functions as an excellent tool for moving Android contacts onto an iPhone. If the iPhone isn’t set up, Android users can also download the application through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

The steps below outline all the steps involved in transfer contacts.

  • Download the “Move to iOS” application using the Android smartphone.
  • Acceptance to the terms and conditions.
  • Give Access and grant permission.
  • A search for your code screen will be displayed.
  • And now, switch to the iPhone.
  • Click on ” move data from Android”during the setting process.
  • A code of a six-digit or ten-digit number will be displayed in the display.
  • This code is entered on your Android phone.
  • A screen for data transfer will prompt users to select the data they want to transfer.
  • Hit the the contacts and the transfer process is completed.

In addition, applications like the Copy My Data or Smart Transfer can transfer files and data between Android onto iPhone.

Import Google Contacts

Google account can be the most convenient method of transferring data between Android into iPhone. The contacts first need to be synced using the Google account. If, however, they are not synced, go through Settings > click on Google account, then tap account sync. Then, tap on the three dots to sync all of them.

Once the Google contacts are syncedwith Google, it’s time for you to upgrade to an iPhone.

Visit settings, click on mail, then click on accounts > add account. Then, enter exactly the same Google account. Make sure that the contact toggle is turned on. Contacts from Android will now be transferred.

Import/Export Option

Another method for transferring the contacts of Android for iPhone involves exporting contacts on any Android smartphone and then import contacts to iPhone. This can be accomplished using the following steps:

  • On your Android phone, open contacts.
  • Choose the three dots, or the gear icons and then choose the export or import option.
  • Click to the export button for .vcf document
  • The vcf file for the contacts has been created within the phone’s storage.
  • Then, send the file via your iPhone via the email, or upload it to the cloud or through Bluetooth.
  • Then, open the vcf file. Select to add all contacts or when it asks you which application you want to open, select the contacts.

SIM Card

The most popular and easiest way for transferring contacts between Android into iPhone is to use the sim card.

For the Android phone, go through contacts. Tap on the icon of the gear or three dots, then click on the sim card contacts. again , tap on the three dots menu, then choose import from phone select all contacts to be added.

It’s time to take the SIM off your Android device and then insert it in the iPhone. Go into settings, then tap on contacts and select the import option for SIM contacts. Contacts have been transferred.

Transfer Contacts with third-party applications

In addition to the methods above If you’re looking to test third-party apps Here are some good suggestions.

Copy My Data

With more than 10 million active people using it, Copy My Data is an app that is recommended to anyone who are looking for an easy method of data transmission. Copy My Data lets users to transfer data from one device to another using wireless networks without the need for the use of a computer.

It can easily transfer contacts easily from Android into iPhone and is also able to transfer important data such as videos and images. It is important to connect to the identical Wi-Fi network across both devices in order for this application to work properly.

Smart Transfer: File Sharing App

A program that offers an all-platform solution for data transfer for data transfer from an old device to an updated one, or that is, from Android or iOS to Android as well as iOS. It works with all tablets and smartphones and offers secure, free transfer of large files using a WiFi hotspot. It can transfer quickly files like calendars, pictures, contacts, WhatsApp, and videos.

Furthermore, it is possible to change phone data or transfer data in a flash using this smart transfer application. It connects two phones using exclusive QR codes , freeing users of wires and cables. It can be used in multiple languages such as German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and many more.

iMobile AnyTrans

Anytrans allows for a smooth transition between Android for seamless transition from Android to iPhone. It is not necessary to lose any information which is important to you. It can transfer files, contacts, books photographs video, ringtones, downloaded videos and compressed files, messages as well as call logs.

It also makes sure there is no the overwriting of any existing data or files that could otherwise fill the phone bloated with garbage and take up space in the internal storage. For the first-time iPhone users, Anytrans can become a one-stop solution to handle the demands of any Apple product, such as iPad, iCloud, iTunes and more.


The majority of Android users would like to have an iPhone at some point in their lives. Even though Android is a highly competitive market that has several manufacturers striving to offer users attractive models, the latest features and a great overall experience, the iPhone as a stand-alone device continues to draw Android customers to its services.

It’s simple to switch between Android to iPhone also. The most difficult thing for an iPhone user is move contacts between Android into iPhone. This article will cover all the main methods to transfer contact information between Android into iPhone. The transfer process is effortless and won’t bother users of Android user.

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