How to Track Steps on iPhone Using Health App

Track Steps on iPhone Using Health App

Your iPhone can track automatically your steps by using its accelerometer built into the phone. Below are the steps for track Steps on your iPhone with the Health App.

Track Steps on iPhone Utilizing the Health App

While your steps and distance traveled is recorded using the built-in accelerometer of iPhone the full track of all your running, walking distances and stairs you’ve climbed is kept through the Health App.

The Health App is available on iPhones and can perform a lot more than keeping an inventory of steps taken and distance traveled.

According to the current guidelines According to the current guidelines, 10,000 steps a day or more are regarded as active. Likewise, any activity that is less than five hundred daily steps is thought of as inactive and having a lifestyle of sedentary!

1. Facilitate Fitness and Motion

All that’s required to count and track steps to track your steps on iPhone is to turn on the Motion and Fitness Tracking function on your device.

1. Go to Settings > Privacy > scroll down to choose Motion & Fitness.

2. On the next screen, switch the toggle adjacent to Fitness Tracking to the ON position.

This allows the iPhone to record steps and determine the distance traveled during running or walking using your iPhone.

2. Keep track of steps in the Health app on your iPhone Using Health app

As we mentioned earlier the actual record of your activity is kept in Health App.

1. Open the Health App on your iPhone Click on Browse and then select the tab for Activity.

2. On the activity screen, click on the tab for Steps.

3. On the Steps screen, you will be able to see how many steps you took during the day as well as view the monthly, weekly and yearly Step Count.

NOTE: By scrolling down on the Steps screen you’ll be able to look at other information compiled from the Health App.

3. Manually add steps to the Health App

If you don’t carry an iPhone when you walk around It is possible to maintain the Health Record up to date by adding your steps manually in your Health App.

1. Open Health App and navigate to Browse Activities > Steps.

2. On the Steps screen, click on the”Add Data option.

3. On the next screen, enter the number of Steps you believe were completed by you in the walk.

Notice: You can enter as many as 90,000 steps at the same time.

It is possible to fake Steps on the iPhone

It is evident the above picture, it is possible to add fake steps on iPhone via”Add Data” or the “Add Data” option as accessible within the Health App.

If you’re not going for a stroll It is possible to add steps to your iPhone by doing other activities such as dancing, skipping, or shadow boxing.

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