How to Send More than 20 Photos Via iMessage

20 Photos

As you are probably aware you can send multiple photos to your iPhone or iPad through the Messages app is restricted to 20 photos. But, you can follow the following steps to fool your iPhone to send more than 20 photos through iMessage, bypassing the limit of 20 images.

iOS Photo Limitations

With iOS 9, thanks to iOS 9.3 update It is now possible to send multiple images via email to your iPhone The annoying limitation of 5 photos that had previously caused a lot of stress to users has been eliminated. There is however an upper limit to the number of photos can be sent via the Messages app for the iPhone as well as iPad.

The Photos app permits users to select endless photos however you will not be able share those photos via the messaging app. It is possible to Share Photos by text message is removed out of the Share Menu when you choose more than 20 images in the Photos app.

But, you are able to enjoy the limitation of 20 images in text messages on the iPhone using the instructions in the following.

Send more than 20 photos through iMessage

Follow these steps to send up to 20 images using the Messages app for the iPhone and iPad.

1. Tap on the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad

2. While you are within the Photos app, select the Albums tab near the end of the screen.

3. Tap on Camera roll (assuming photos you would like to share are on this page).

4. Now, tap on the Select button that is located in the upper right corner of your screen.

5. Select the photos that you would like to share by either tapping the photos or sliding your fingers across the images (say at least 22 pictures! ).

6. After selecting photos Click on the Share button at the lower left corner of your screen.

As we mentioned earlier there is no text message option in the Share Menu that appears because you’ve selected more than 20 images permitted to connect to the text message option on iPhone.

7. Simply, tap on Copy and then press the home button of your iPhone for a return on the screen that you used to be in.

8. Now, open the Messages app in your iPhone.

9. Tap on any current conversation or tap the new icon to start a new window for messages.

10. Tap and hold in the message section until you can get the Paste option. Tap on it.

In a magical way, all 22 images you taken in your Photos app will show up on your SMS message.

11. Type a short message, then add the recipient’s address, and then tap send.

This is the way to bypass the limit of 20 photos to text message messages in your iPhone and still be able to send as many pictures as you like via text message. But, it is important to keep in mind that pasting more images in the body of an email messages can slow your text messaging process.

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