How to See Date & Time of Text Messages on iPhone

Text Messages on iPhone

If you’re wondering about when a certain text message was received or sent on your iPhone You will find below an easy method of determining the date and time of text messages on iPhone.

View Date & Time of Text Messages On iPhone

iPhone displays the information about the date and time only for the initial message sent to or received by the same Contact on a specific day, and hides the time stamp for any subsequent messages sent to or received by this same Contact.

Although this setting works in the majority of cases however, there are times when you might need to know the exact date and time of text messages on iPhone to see if you’re not responding to messages or for other reasons.

Fortunately, iPhone does record the exact date and time of all outgoing and incoming messages on your device, however, it hides this information from sight.

View Hidden Timestamp of Text Messages on iPhone

You can at any time can see the secret Timestamp of any Text Message you have sent or received by your device following the instructions in the following.

1. Open Messages App and choose the Message thread interests you.

2. On the next screen, move your finger from left to right in the area of message and place your finger onto the screen.

You’ll be able view the Timestamps for each individual text message when your finger is pushing the screen. Moving your finger away from the screen will cause the Timestamps of the individual iMessages to be hidden and then be revealed.

Notice: The ability to look up timestamps for individual messages is only on iMessages as opposed to text messages you send by your cell plan.

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