How to Install Google Keyboard On Xiaomi Phones

Install Google Keyboard

Smartphones manufactured by Xiaomi come equipped with their unique keyboard dubbed Sogou Keyboard. Sogou Keyboard. The default keyboard is Chinese characters that people in the USA and Canada are confused by. Therefore, this post provides instructions on how to download and install Google Keyboard. Google Keyboard on Xiaomi Phones.

Install Google Keyboard on Xiaomi Phones

Follow the instructions following to download and install Google Keyboard on your Xiaomi phone.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Xiaomi Phone

If you do not already have Google Play Store installed on your Xiaomi phone then you can make use the following guideline: how to download Google Play Store on Xiaomi phones.

2. Next search for Google Keyboard in the Google Play Store and then tap to the option which appears.

3. Next tap on the Green Install button to install the Google keyboard onto your Xiaomi Phone

Make Google Keyboard Default On Xiaomi Phones

After installing Google Keyboard, Xiaomi’s Sogou keyboard will continue to be the default keyboard for the device. Therefore, you must adhere to the following steps to set Google Keyboard as the default keyboard on your Xiaomi phone.

1. From the Home Screen of your Xiaomi phone, tap Settings.

2. On the Settings Screen, scroll to the “System & Device” section and click on Additional Settings (See the image below)

3. On the Additional Settings screen, select the input and language buttons.

4. Next, tap on the Current Keyboard option in the”Keyboards & Input Methods” “Keyboards & Input Methods”.

5. From the pop-up Click the Choose Keyboards (See image below)

6. On the next screen, turn on Google keyboard by pressing the slider to the right (See the image below)

7. Next, you will notice an “Attention” Pop-up appear on the end of your screen. click OK.

8. Now go back to the previous screen by pressing on the Language & Input button located in the upper left corner of your screen (See below for an example)

9. On the next screen, tap on the Current Keyboard

10. You will see an ad on the end of your screen. click on Google keyboard.

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