How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Zoom Mode

iPhone Stuck

If you’re experiencing a lot of big images on the screen of the iPhone It is probable that the iPhone stuck into Zoom Mode. Below are the steps you need to take to help you get you iPhone to exit Zoom Mode.

iPhone stuck in Zoom Mode

If your iPhone stuck in Zoom Mode, everything on the screen of your iPhone appears to be magnified and huge which makes it difficult to use the device.

In the event of this, many users begin thinking of their iPhone being damaged or impacted by Malware.

Fortunately, this magnified screen on iPhone is not connected with hardware issues. It is mostly caused by the Zoom accessibility being enabled in your device.

Zoom accessibility feature in iOS Zoom accessibility feature of iOS is designed to make it easier for iPhone users who have Low Vision to Zoom in by pressing 3 fingers onto the screen of the iPhone.

It is possible that you’ve turned to the Zoom accessibility feature in iPhone settings and the feature was accidentally activated by your phone.

Unable to Zoom Out On iPhone

The majority of users attempt to exit the Zoom Mode by using the standard Pinch gesture and then expect for the device to shrink to its normal size.

However, the normal pinch and other gestures don’t work when the iPhone is in Zoom Accessibility Mode.

The gestures made by fingers while the iPhone are in Zoom mode differ and the majority of users with normal vision aren’t experienced to Zoom Mode actions.

How to Get iPhone out of Zoom Mode?

As you may have suspected you’ll be able get you iPhone from Zoom Mode by double-tapping with three fingers to the display of your iPhone.

If double tapping does not work then try again double tapping and this time, keep your finger on screen following the second tap, and drag them either up or down to zoom in or off the display.

Disable Zoom Mode On iPhone

Follow the steps listed below follow the steps below to Disable Zoom Mode on your iPhone to avoid from the chance that Zoom Mode getting turned on again on your device.

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > scroll down , and click on Zoom.

2. On the next screen, turn off Zoom mode by shifting the toggle from ON position.

In the following days you shouldn’t see your iPhone entering Zoom Mode again.

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