How to Download and Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone

WhatsApp Photos

If you’ve been able to stop WhatsApp from auto-saving photos to iPhone You can continue to manually download and save WhatsApp Photos to your iPhone anytime you wish to save Photos to your device. Photo on your phone.

Download and Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone

To be in a position to download and save WhatsApp Photos to your iPhone it is necessary to offer WhatsApp Access to Photos app to your iPhone.

If you’re concerned giving WhatsApp access to the Photos App does not cause WhatsApp sending random photos onto the Camera roll of your iPhone.

WhatsApp cannot automatically save photos to your iPhone for as long as the Chat Settings in your WhatsApp Account is not configured to permit WhatsApp to save images to the Camera Roll.

If you’re unsure about this, then follow this guideline to verify that WhatsApp doesn’t have the authority to automatically save Images to Camera Roll.

1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone Click on Settings icon, which is located in the lower menu.

2. On WhatsApp Settings screen, tap Chats.

3. On the next screen, switch off the slider next to Save to Camera Roll.

This can effectively stop WhatsApp Photos from being downloaded automatically as well as saved on the Camera Roll on your iPhone.

Provide WhatsApp With Access to Photos App

As we mentioned earlier it is necessary to give WhatsApp an access point to Photos App. Photos App, in order to be able to save manually WhatsApp Photos to your iPhone.

1. Open Setting on your iPhone, scroll down, and then tap Privacy.

2. On the Privacy screen, tap Photos.

3. On the Photos screen, click on WhatsApp.

4. On the next screen, click on the Read as well as Write option.

Now that WhatsApp is able to access the Photos App, you will be able to download manually and save WhatsApp Photos to the iPhone Camera Roll.

Manually Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone

Once WhatsApp is granted access to the Photos App, you can save your own WhatsApp Photos to your iPhone anytime by following the steps below.

1. Open WhatsApp > click on the Chats tab at the bottom of the menu.

2. On the Chats screen, find then tap the chat which contains photos that you would like to download to your iPhone.

3. Once the Chat is open, simply tap the Photo that you would like to download to your iPhone.

4. When the Photo opens in full mode, tap to share the icon on the menu at the bottom.

5. On the Share Menu which appears click on”Save.

The chosen WhatsApp photograph will get saved and downloaded onto Photos App on your iPhone. Photos app in your iPhone.

NOTE: You can follow the steps above to save WhatsApp to an iPhone in the first place, without giving WhatsApp Access to Photos App.

In this case, WhatsApp will prompt you to grant access to Photos that you are able to grant by pressing the Allow option within the menu that pops up.

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