How to Clear Clipboard on Mac

Clear Clipboard on Mac

The process of clearing the Clipboard in Mac helps free space and stops sensitive or confidential information from being disclosed. The following are the steps needed to Clear Clipboard on Mac.

Clipboard Clear Clipboard On Mac

When you cut or copy any thing on Mac the information is forever accessible on the clipboard even after you have pasted the data.

If your clipboard holds lots of information or a high-resolution image, it can consume RAM that could reduce your browsing speed on Mac.

Another issue with clipboards that store the data that was copied last is that confidential or sensitive information may remain on the clipboard.

Fortunately, the clipboard on Mac will only be able to store one thing at any one time, which allows you to quickly erase sensitive or personal information off the clipboards by copying another item.

If you copy a tiny textual information, it is overwritten the entire data that is stored on the clipboard, freeing memory and increasing the speed of your browsing.

If you wish, you can remove all the content of your clipboard by restarting your Mac or by using Terminal to clean Clipboard.

1. Clear Clipboard on Mac Using Data Replacement

Follow the instructions below to replace the clipboard’s data with smaller textual data.

1. Open a Text Document and type in a single Letter or Word (for instance, type the”C” as a letter or “C” as well as the term “Clear”).

2. Using your Mouse choose your Word that you wrote and press Command+C key on your keyboard for Mac.

The word “Clear” into the Clipboard and then replace any Data was stored previously on the Clipboard.

You can verify whether your personal information on the clipboard have been deleted and replaced with the word “clear” with the command + V keys.

Notice: Instead of opening the text file, you can take a single letter or word directly from any site.

2. Completely Clear Clipboard using Terminal

As previously mentioned as well, you can erase the clipboard completely in Mac when you restart your PC or making use of the terminal.

In the next example we’ll take the time to look over what’s currently being saved on the Clipboard. Then, we will use the Terminal to completely erase of the clipboard in Mac.

1. Click on any empty area on the display of the Mac and it will open the menu Finder.

2. Click on the Edit tab of the The Finder Menu followed by clicking Show Clipboard.

Then, you will be able to bring up the Clipboard window. You will be able to view the information currently being stored in Clipboard.

3. Now, click on the Go tab. Then, click on the Utilities option from the drop-down menu.

4. On the next screen, select the Terminal Icon.

5. In the terminal window, type pbcopy”/dev/null” then hit the Enter key on the keyboard of your Mac.

After that you can look over the opened Clipboard Window. You will see that it is completely cleared , and there are no files inside this Clipboard window.

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