Change Windows 10 Password Using Command Prompt

Change Windows 10 Password

If you suspect that your Login Password for your computer is compromised, then you can find below the steps needed to Change Windows 10 Password using Command Prompt and Settings.

Change Windows 10 Password

Based on the way in which your computer was initially configured or based on your personal preference, you could use one of the two options: Local as well as Microsoft Account to login to your computer.

If you have the local account You can modify the Login Password for your personal computer by using the Command Prompt and also selecting the Settings.

1. Change Windows Password Using Command Prompt (CMD)

If you prefer to use Command Prompt, you can follow the steps below to alter the password for login on your PC.

Click Start and enter Command Prompt in the search bar. Click to open Command Prompt in the search results and then click on the Run as Administrator.

In the Command Prompt window Enter Net User Username NewPassword and then press the enter key.

NOTE: In above Command Replace the Username with your real User Name, and NewPass using the New Password you wish to use.

After this Command is executed successfully after which you’ll be allowed to login to your computer by using New Password.

Tips: If you do not know the User Name for your user account, type netuser in the Command Prompt window, and then press enter. It will display your Names of all the User Accounts on your computer.

2. Another Way to Change Windows Password Using Command Prompt

Start Command Prompt and type in net Username * and Press Enter key, then type New Password and then type the new password to confirm.

Notice: In above command Replace Username with the actual user name (Family in this instance).

After you type in Your New Password and hit Enter Key Enter Key, the Login Password on your computer will change and replaced by that New Password.

The only issue with the above command can be the fact that you will not be able to see anything while you type and Retype your new password.

3. Change Windows Login Password Using Settings

The easiest way to alter passwords for the Login Password in Windows 10 is to open Settings.

Navigate to Accounts, Settings and Accounts. Then choose Sign-in Options from the pane to the left. On the next screen, scroll down , and choose the Password option, then click the Change button.

On the Change Your Password Screen, type in your Current Password and click next.

The next page will appear, type in the New Password, Reenter Password and then click”Next.

Then, click”Finish.

You are now able to log in to your computer by using Your New Password.

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