11 Best PFP NFT Projects to Watch Out for in 2022


PFP NFT, or picture for proof-non-fungible tokens, are setting new standards in NFT sales every single day. This article will provide all the information you need about this emerging trend in crypto assets.

In the cryptosphere, there was a huge boom in 2021 for generative art avatars. Everyone is eager to experience the metaverse, and participants will require unique avatars to represent them. Why not mint NFTs to create the profile picture (PFP)?

This trend will continue in 2022 with many high-profile PFP FFTs listed in various marketplaces, and more scheduled to be listed. What are the best PFP NFT projects? Keep reading to learn more!

What is a PFP NFT Project and How Does it Work?

PFP is a common abbreviation used in online culture and social media. PFP can be described in a variety of terms by netizens, including profile picture, picture to prove, and profile picture. The NFT craze has elevated the search for statement-making, unique PFPs to a whole new level.

These artworks are generative and hand-drawn, and can be viewed from the shoulder. They reflect different people through the faces of humans, cats or apes.

Twitter already offers a way to link your NFT via a crypto wallet. You can also display an NFT avatar. Other social media platforms, such as Reddit and Facebook, are also looking to allow NFTs in profile photos.

What Makes PFP NFT Projects So Popular?

Since the launch of Cryptopunks (the first PFP NFT project), hundreds of generative avatar NFTs have been created. This is what is driving the growth in assets within the profile picture NFT segment. These are the reasons.

  • Picture for proof NFT projects are largely community-based. NFT holders are eligible to vote and can actively participate in the development of the project.
  • The roadmap for NFT projects is clearly defined. Investors know what they can expect from their investments. The Karafuru NFT has partnered with Japanese brands Hypebeast, Atmos and Atmos to launch 3D NFT. Future projects like these will increase the stake of initial investors.
  • PFP NFT can also be equipped with virtual and real-life utilities. 3D mfers owners will have access to the Mferverse project when it becomes available. Karafuru NFT owners receive vouchers for real-life events, including meals, toys, and games.
  • PFP NFT projects usually have merchandise shops for creative art monetization. NFT holders can also sell their own items (if allowed by the project) via merchandise like T-shirts and caps.

The picture for profile NFT projects have better monetization potential than other NFTs. PFP NFT can also be used to showcase your personality in the virtual world.

These PFP NFT projects are highly performing and you should add them to your watchlist for 2022.


The CryptoPunks will continue to be the PFP NFT Ogs, regardless of what the future holds. This project consists of 10,000 pixelated Punk FFTs.

Surprisingly though, Larva Labs, the developer of the project, wasn’t sure about their utility. These avatars were available for free mint (barring gas fees).

Its owners found that it could be used as a profile photo on various platforms after its launch. NFT enthusiasts made it the hottest social media trend, by purchasing rare punk avatars to use as profile pictures on Discord and Twitter.

Because of their rarity, the punk NFTs from CryptoPunks are unique. Collectors are willing to pay more for rare NFTs. PFP NFT were created by many content creators and artists to capitalize on their popularity and growth.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC project) has a collection 10,000 animated cartoons of bored monkeys. It is currently one of the most popular NFT projects and gained huge popularity within the NFT communities right after it was launched by Yuga Labs in April 2021.

These NFTs include 170 computer-generated traits, including clothing, background and fur, eyes, ears, mouth, mouth, hat, and so forth. Each NFT is unique. The BAYC PFP Project is a mixture of the CryptoPunks building blocks and an emerging ecosystem.

The future looks bright for this project thanks to the ApeCoin token launch and metaverse development. This token will be used in Otherside’s metaverse as a governance token.


Roblox and Fortnite are two examples of online games that have made pixel art characters very popular. To attract a large community who adore pixel art, NFT artists emphasized the pixel theme. The Meebits NFT project is one of the most popular.

This project contains a collection over 9,000 NFT assets in pixelated format. These are voxel art, which is a 3D type of pixel art. Larva Labs created the project on Ethereum Blockchain Platform using ERC-721 tokens to facilitate smart contract consensus.

You can buy and sell NFTs easily on Ethereum-based NFT markets like OpenSea. Larva Labs also designed the characters for their CryptoPunks project. Meebits can sometimes look like CryptoPunks in 3D.

Cool Cats NFT

CoolCats NFT is the best choice for cat lovers looking to create cool avatars of their cats and share them via social media. Cool Cats has a collection 9999 randomly generated PFP NFT. These NFTs are illustrated by Colin Egan, but the team also includes three other people who work in development and blockchain.

The CryptoPunks-inspired project was developed on Ethereum blockchain and boasts many unique traits. You can create more than 300,000. unique feline profiles pictures by customizing their faces and accessories.

There will be four types of NFTs based on rarity: Wild, Cool, Classy, Exotic. According to the Cool Cats NFT Project roadmap, it will become a gaming metaverse. The native cryptocurrency token $MILK will allow cats to trade and live their lives.


SupDucks were created by Franky Nines, a well-known OG artist. MegaVoltCorp, which launched the NFTs in July 2021, is his company. He was previously a designer at Zynga, DapperLabs and NFT42 before starting this venture.

The 10.0K NFT assets of the SupDucks PFP NFT Project are included in the SupDucks PFP NFT Project. This project was developed by a group of people who worked hard to create NFTs with superior art and a support community. According to the developers, SupDucks will grant you legendary status if you have one of these NFTs.

SupDucks also offers a utility token called $VOLT. You can use this token to stake your investments in Rock-Paper-Scissors and Chess. MegaVoltCorp is rumored to be developing a merch shop to sell physical SupDucks merchandise.


Doodles The NFT Project includes 10,000 hand-drawn profile pictures that you can use on various platforms and communities. Rare NFTs include pastel-colored illustrations of humans, cats, sharks and dinos as well as ducks, monks, aliens and mascots.

These NFTs, which are manually illustrated with 5,000 spaceships for the Doodles, also contain 5,000 spaceships. Scott Martin and his team designed the rainbow-colored cartoons that were used in the Doodles NFT project. They have enjoyed immense popularity ever since it was first made public.

The Doodles NFT collection is a community-based project. Its utility revolves around the community. You can vote in your community as a Doodles NFT Owner. This project, unlike other non-community-based NFTs is focused on memorabilia as well as rare collectibles.

This NFT project could easily become an entertainment company. These can be used as avatars in and the metaverse.

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World of Women

Before the launch of the World of Women project, fictional characters made of apes and cats, skeletons and toads as well as robots were the dominant NFT sphere. Yam Karkai, the project’s lead designer, is the first woman-led NFT venture.

The market was lacking a vibrant and colorful selection of female PFPs since the NFT avatars were launched. This was also met by the NFT collectors and investors through the World of Women project.

The World of Women collection features 10,000 female avatars that are cool and punk. The PFPs are a reflection of the power and diversity of inclusion, diversity, as well as female representation in virtual reality.

It attracted many celebrities investors quickly and saw a huge increase in sales. Celebrities like Von Miller and Napheesa Colllier, Eva Longoria and Shonda Rhimes own NFTs from the PFP project.

Force 0N1

In August 2021, the 0N1 Force NFT Project launched its first drop. It has been a huge success in the NFT world since it allowed cross-platform compatibility for its NFT. You can use your NFT to create a profile picture on Web3-enabled platforms, such as the Ethereal Enclave or 0N1VERSE.

NFT artworks are primarily generative assets that show the characters from a side view. These creative artworks feature high-resolution art and granular texture definition. There are over 7000 PFPs in the collection, of which more 100 were hand-drawn.

0N1 Force has a variety of traits that make them unique in the NFT universe. There are only two main types of traits: special power and visual art traits.

Visual traits include the background colors, body colors, eyes, hair, and mouth. Special power traits, on the other hand, are strength, spirit, and style. The avatars will battle for their existence in the virtual Ethereal Eclave. It is the special powers that will determine which 0N1 Force character they will succeed.


Mfers is the best way to show off your NFTs via social media. This project contains 10,021 NFTs. It is a collection from the profile photo (PFP). These meme arts are great for sharing your message with your community on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord.

Sartoshi is the creator of these NFTs. WestcoastNFT created this Web3-ready project. These NFTs are general stick figure drawings that netizens and meme-makers use to quickly visualize their ideas. 21 special NFTs are created using the meme template “are you winning, boy?”

All digital elements of the NFT are freely available online. These NFTs can be used even if you don’t own them.


The Karafuru project offers you a variety of colorful personas you can collect. The characters are a mix of random personas and generative art technology, as well as psychedelic colors and Gacha games. This project was created by WD.Willy, a creative illustrator, and the Museum of Toys.

Karafuru NFT has 5,555 vibrant, generative 2D NFTs. There are a few characters. These NFTs were created by randomly infusing more than 1000 attributes to make them rare and unique.

This NFT project is part of The Playground, its parent project. You will have access to the virtual Karafuru if you own one of these NFTs. You can enjoy a variety of fun activities here and get to know some of the most interesting people.

Karafuru is an excellent place to find NFTs. Take a look at this project roadmap. Karafuru’s crew has created an elaborate project where the Karafuru NFT Drop is one big event.


Avastars NFT is a fully-on-chain NFT collection that includes new NFT character breeding characteristics. In February 2020, the public minting was completed for the first 5,000 NFTs produced by NFT42. The NFTs can now be purchased in secondary markets like OpenSea and Rarible.

The project created Primes, or avatars that were shoulder-length using a random generative algorithm. The program includes 12 traits: ears, eye color and eyes, gender, facial features, etc. There are 570 colors and attributes to choose from. Later, the number reached 25,700 pieces.

The project’s key benefit is that early collectors can create new replicant avatar NFTs using 2-5 original Avastars NFTs. These replicants can be sold by creators through NFT marketplaces. Avastar NFT owners also have the option to claim ART coins at a 1:1 ratio, and then trade them in coin marketplaces such as Uniswap.

Last Thoughts

Millions upon millions of NFT investors, collectors, traders, and investors are focusing on the PFP, or picture for profile NFTs. These NFTs are backed by a clear roadmap that will allow them to grow and be useful. These projects also benefit from the support of a strong community that keeps an eye on developments in the project.

NFT investments can be risky and you need to be cautious. Before you invest, it is important to keep track of the progress of certain projects. These top tools will help you track the latest and most popular NFTs.

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