7 Best Browsers for Your Roku Device in 2022

Best Browsers for Your Roku Device

Are you looking to get straight to the issue? Roku devices require third-party installation for web browsing . Opera as well as Web Browser X are the top browsers in this category.

The company was founded in 2008, Roku is a renowned digital streaming platform that allows users to stream content from numerous websites. However, when it comes to surfing, Roku only features a restricted set of functions. It may seem like a negative however it does not mean that the Roku any less enjoyable.

Since Roku does not provide an integrated web browser to browse the Internet however, we may have some suggestions. In reality, Roku provides support for entertainment by offering streaming video channels. The browsers available within the Roku Channel Store are very limited in features. The absence of integrated browsers could screencast to another device.

What is The Roku Channel?

Roku Channel Roku Channel is the official Channel Store for Roku devices that allows you to stream a variety of content from its platform. You can personalize your channel list on Roku which allows you to check out all the most recent news and listen to music, and stream your preferred videos. Find free music and video channels on Roku and where it streams much of its content, keeping viewers entertained with the most recent news and updates. Premium channels will help you obtain Netflix, HBO, and other premium content with the same time.

Best Browsers for Roku in 2022

Let’s get started.

1. Web Video Caster Receiver –

On our list of the top Web browsers that work with Roku is Web Video Caster. With Web Video Caster, you can record audio and images, view television shows streaming live and much many more. It’s a subscription service that costs about $4.99 per month for a subscription It’s worth it.

Web Video Caster offers seamless support for Roku TV that can enhance your browsing experience. Audio and photos are supported as well as subtitles that are recognized on the website. You can also use the integrated search engine of OpenSubtitles.org.


  • In addition to Roku in addition, it also additionally supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA receivers & more.
  • Premium version can support Bookmarks as well as Video History and Home screen shortcuts, etc.
  • Let’s make local videos available on your smartphone.


  • This extension does not work with tab casting as does Chromecast. Chromecast extension.

2. Safari Browser –

Safari browser is a web browser available for Roku devices available on the Channel Store. The resemblance to its name or logo is nothing to have anything to do with Apple. This isn’t the Apple’s Safari in any sense and was developed by Adrian and released by Roku. With its low rating this isn’t the most viable choice, but it’s worth a shot.

Here are some of the top browsers on the web for Roku which will improve user experience. You can access these browsers on Roku by using screencasting on your device – Android, iOS, and Windows.

3. Opera

Opera gives users a smooth experience when surfing the internet on Roku devices. Like any other conventional web-based browser to utilize Opera it is necessary to connect this streaming gadget to your Windows computer and make use of any standard keyboard to perform searches. Opera is among the most popular browsers available for Roku due to its light nature and its faster engine that can respond to user queries in the shortest amount of time is possible. Its flawless combination with VPN service allows users to access unlimited entertainment quickly while also protecting their online identity.

To utilize Opera for casting, you must do so to Roku TV by using either your Android or iOS device.

Open Settings > Enable Bluetooth and WiFi on identical networks to the Roku device. Press”Clear.

Choose your Roku gadget from the list , and begin browsing Opera.

You must start Opera’s Opera web browser in order to cast Opera on your computer. Right-click any area within the browser, then select Cast and select the device you want to cast from your Roku gadget from the available options.


  • Straightforward UI.
  • Secure VPN to keep you safe.
  • Pop-up video feature on YouTube.
  • Web browsing speedy and fast


  • The process of setting up takes some time and effort

Get it Here

4. Web Browser X

Without doubt, one of the most popular web browsers on Roku, Web Browser X has a simple and easy-to-use interface. If you’re looking to browse content from media sites like YouTube, then it’s not able to handle it well. In terms of websites are concerned, it is easy to browse websites and bookmark your favourite websites and take advantage of a wide range of features for simple browsing. Simply make use of links on the left or right buttons, and the up and down buttons within the Roku remote to navigate to web pages.


  • Provides fully rendered pages, complete with clickable hyperlinks.
  • This program lets you save your homepage and make surfing the internet easy.
  • A few countries allow you to use the Roku browser at no cost.


  • Pages were rendered fairly well, despite the fact that formatting is not perfect.
  • Old-fashioned UI.

5. POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM is another well-known web browser available for Roku which allows users to surf the Internet. However, prior to you choose to use POPRISM, we’d like to warn you not to set your sights too high. When we talk of the interface POPRISM is a basic and basic look and feel. It’s a tactile and text-based interface and nothing that will grab your attention.

When you go to an online site and read the text, the fonts may be slightly unformatted for other websites. There are only a handful of websites supported by this POPRISM browser, therefore when you visit another website it could be that you need to strain to understand the text.

The navigation of web pages is easily accomplished using the up, left, down and right buttons within the Roku remote. If you want to return home to your home page, simply tap on the “Return” key.


  • Find the basics of Google research easily accessible on POPRISM.
  • Web browser based on text.
  • The free Roku Web browser.


  • No images/GUIs/CSS/JavaScript.

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6. Google Chrome –

Google Chrome is the most frequently used browser on the internet around the globe. Even though it’s been accused of stealing data from users but it’s still among the top choices. It offers users a variety of options to browse the web. It is therefore among the top web browsers that work with Roku. It can be used to screencast on your Roku TV on another device similar to Opera. You need to install Google Chrome on your Android, iOS, and Windows PCs. Then, you can connect your gadget to your Roku device and begin screen casting.


  • It works on Windows It can be used on Windows, as well as Android effortlessly.
  • A variety of features to browse.
  • Supports all video formats that are popular.
  • You can stream videos with ease using C


  • Privacy concerns.

Find it here

7. Firefox –

Firefox is among the most popular web browsers that puts privacy first. It has undergone a variety of changes throughout the years, and is surpassing the popularity of its most well-known Chrome in a variety of ways. Firefox could be the most suitable Web browser to Roku users seeking privacy-conscious browsing with a variety of choices for customization. Firefox is compatible with Roku by using the screencasting feature on your Android devices. It is this because it’s on the final list of web browsers. It is possible to connect your Android to Roku. Connect your Roku device and then tap the Cast button to play videos to play on your Firefox browser application on Android.


  • Makes use of less CPU resources.
  • Much more customizable than the others.
  • Private browsing is possible.
  • Built-in Ad blocker.


  • Only available for Android

Find the code here

Try Screen Mirroring Instead

If you’ve got an idea of that using a browser for the web on Roku does not sound like an ideal idea. If you want to surf through the Internet on Roku you could consider using screen mirroring instead.

With screen mirroring, you are able to effortlessly cast your content from your tablet or smartphone onto your TV screen for surfing the web.

To learn more about the best way to hook up to connect your iPhone via screen mirroring to Roku TV via screen mirroring, visit this link.


1. Can you Browse the Internet on Roku?

Roku gives you access to a vast variety of entertainment media which includes television shows, as well as live sporting events. However, in terms of surfing on the Internet, Roku does not have a native web browser. To browse the Internet via your television using Roku it is necessary to utilize a screencast and make use of a third-party software on the gadget.

2. Is there a no-cost web browser that works with Roku?

The mentioned web browsers available for Roku could be utilized to browse the Internet on your TV. You can select Web Browser X, a free web browser available for Roku and then use it for free without paying an additional fee for subscription.

3. Can I get Google Chrome on my Roku?

Google Chrome web browser is not available on Roku. If you want to experience an experience similar to Google Chrome on Roku it is possible to opt for using screen mirroring. It is possible to install an application called Google Chrome mobile app on your smartphoneand put your device in the TV to browse through your Internet on a large screen.

4. How can I cast My Browser to Roku?

Because Roku has no native web browser built-in to it however, you are able to utilize third-party web browsers as are listed above or utilize screens mirroring in order to project the web browser.


Here are the top web browsers available for Roku that let you browse the Internet using the Roku TV. Tell us which one is your most preferred most efficient internet browser to use on Roku from the list below.

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