App Store Icon is Missing From iPhone or iPad

App Store Icon

If you notice that the App Store icon appears to disappear from you Apple iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to locate it.

Fix 1 – Double Check Everywhere

Make sure that the icon isn’t located within the folder. Make sure you check every Home screen and each folder. Use search to determine whether you can locate it. When you are on the screen for Home scroll to the left Then search for “App Store” to see whether it is there.

Fix 2 – Check Restrictions

  1. Go to ” Settings” from the Home screen.
  2. In iOS12 and above, select ” Screen Time” > ” Content Privacy & Restrictions” > ” Content Privacy” > ” Allowed Apps“. For iOS 11 and below select ” General” > ” Restrictions“.
  3. Check for ” iTunes Store” and then you’ll want to change it to ” On“.

Fix 3 – Reset Home Screen

It’s likely that it is located on another home screen or within an unrelated folder. Check other screens and within folders. If you’re still not able to find it, you can reset the home screen. Select ” Settings” > ” General “> ” Reset” > ” Reset Home Screen Layout“. This will reset your icons to the default settings and bring back your App Store’s icons.

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Note Take note that if your iPad was loaned to you by an organization that you work for, or even a school, it’s possible there’s software that blocks access to App Store. Contact your IT department for access if you suspect that this is the scenario.

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